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We focus on your individual requirements

  • Feasibility Studies based on your Individual Requirements
  • Design and Development based on your Expectations
  • Automated Image Processing and Machine Learning based on your Quality Criteria


We advise you on the planning and implementation of your image processing and/or machine learning projects. We cover various of our own software modules in your systems. e entire measurement chain - starting with the selection of the right hardware and the choice of the appropriate geometric layout, through the actual algorithm design, to development and integration


We carry out individual feasibility studies for you using the image and data material provided. The primary aim is to be able to derive a general feasibility, to determine measurement accuracy and achievable quality, as well as to be able to assess the robustness and subsequently stability risks of applications or software components.

Software Development & Integration

We carry out the transfer of previously developed algorithms into software for you as well as the corresponding integration of the image processing and/or machine learning modules into your existing systems. If required, we also supply complete solutions consisting of various software modules - connection of sensors, process controls, user interfaces, GUI, app configuration, feedback interfaces, image processing, machine learning components, teach-in modules, etc.

Workshops & Trainings

We offer training courses and workshops - individually tailored to the respective previous knowledge of your employees - in the following areas:


  • Design of Image Processing Systems
  • Algorithm Development and Approaches
  • Image Processing Technologies


With more than 15 years of experience in Information Technology, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, we assist and support our customers with our expertise, consulting services and trainings. We help to design and develop computer vision and machine learning systems through the entire development process:

  • select optimal hardware
  • choose proper algorithms and procedures
  • select suitable libraries
  • implement optimal software
  • configure system
  • optimize start-up
Photo© Kurt Keinrath
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